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As more of us work from home than ever before, creating a practical and stylish home office is paramount. The good news is, you don’t need huge amounts of space to do so. Whether you’re looking to convert a small bedroom, or repurposing an upstairs corner away from the noise, we can create a bespoke timber desk that will turn your labour into one of love.

Spotted Gum and Black Butt, traditionally the preferred choice for floorboards, offers deep warmth and a unique finish. American Oak and Tassie Oak are a great option if you’re after a lighter, more Scandinavian look. That said, we can source almost any timber to suit your taste, and decor. Wood grain’s warm colours and patterns lend themselves well to both contemporary and classic interior design styles.

Stylish simplicity is the defining factor. Our made-to-measure timber desks focus on the beauty of natural timber matching your own personal setting. From simple timber desks through to more storage-geared options including drawers and shelving, we can create the perfect place in which to study or work.

Timber desks & shelves

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