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Solid Timber Kitchens, Timber Benchtops


We manufacture hundreds of kitchen bench tops, islands and waterfalls every year for kitchen & joinery companies and for private customers around Australia.


Sometimes people want the timber to be the standout feature of the kitchen in which case timbers with a lot of character, such as wormy chestnut, might suit. Others prefer more of a provincial or country look and select from our rustic range or a lime-wash finish. Customers wanting a richer look might choose American Walnut and those who are looking for a more understated or conservative feel often choose Vic Ash or American Oak.


The versatility of timber, and the range of species available, allows us to meet any of our customers’ requirements in any size, shape or thickness.


Timber is enjoying a resurgence in popularity in kitchens in Australia, particularly at the premium end of the market. Partly it is because it is natural and just looks better than the more synthetic-looking alternatives. Partly it is because the quality is so much better these days. Cupping, cracking and bowing doesn’t happen and moisture is kept out with the newer, better 2 pack polyurethanes.


Everyone who comes to our factory comments on how great our products look and they look even better when installed in our customers’ gorgeous kitchens. It is for this reason we decided to spread the word via our web site and social media. In the weeks and months ahead we will be adding photos on a regular basis of some of the best kitchens in Australia.


So follow us….better still, phone us or come and see us at 11 Chard Road, Brookvale.


And a final word on the Environment. We hate the idea of forests being cleared and the environment being damaged and our wildlife being decimated.  Fortunately Australia is highly regulated, old growth forests remain intact and more trees are planted than felled.


In nature’s cycle, trees take carbon dioxide from the air and the ground and breathe out oxygen. When they die the cycle reverses and carbon is returned to the environment. But kitchen bench tops are a permanent source of captured carbon, so the cycle is broken, carbon is not returned to the atmosphere and the world is better for it.

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