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People walk on stairs of course so treads, landings and risers have to be practical, including durable, flat, non-slippery etc. Fortunately, solid timber can be all these things, particularly if the timber is premium grade and properly kiln-dried and sealed all round. Our stair treads have been in Australian pubs for years, often subjected to rough treatment, still look good and will last a lifetime.

But staircases don’t have to be just practical and, as houses grow in size, they are increasingly being designed to make the grand statement as the central showpiece.

Spotted gum and Blackbutt continue to be the timbers of choice for stair treads, often because that is what the floorboards are, but many different timbers are suitable. Ironbark, Jarrah, Brushbox and Blue Gum are all Australian timbers and all are really hard.

And some people these days want their stair treads to be noticed not just trodden on. For some customers, we enhance timber’s blood lines, knots, grains and holes with stains and fills to give greater emphasis to their character.

But whatever you want we can do it. And as always you are very welcome to come and see us and see our work. People love looking at and feeling our timber!

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